The Neon Rose Series
In 1966, Moscoso started his own company, Neon Rose. Not only did it give him complete artistic control over the posters, but the series is noted for some of the most iconic images of the psychedelic era. Each poster has some background info provided by Victor.

Unless otherwise noted, all posters offered here are Second Editions.

NOTE: there is a minimum order of $500US.

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Neon Rose #1
Neon Rose #1 "My wife Gail and I attended the opening night and visited Junior back stage. Before his first set, he introduced “the poster artist and his beautiful wife” for a round of applause. Junior was all right!"

Neon Rose #2
Neon Rose #2 "My first psychedelic pin up and the first to carry the “Neon Rose” name. One of my more popular posters back then and now. It was printed 3 times."

Neon Rose #3
Neon Rose #3 "Dave Getz and Janis Joplin had just joined Big Brother and the band was living in a former hunting lodge in Marin County. This is the first published photo of the complete band."

Neon Rose #4
Neon Rose #4 "From a tiny advertisement in the back of a long forgotten magazine, I found this image and enlarged it so that I could print the figure positive and negative to make it vibrate."

Neon Rose #5
Neon Rose #5 "The name of the band gave me the idea for the image. The band used it for years, even when they went into the jazz genre."

Neon Rose #6
Neon Rose #6 "A French postcard from the 1890's. I surrounded the young lady with my newly invented psychedelic playbill letter face."

Neon Rose #7
Neon Rose #7 "This is the only poster done for the band, so I guess their only alternative was their only show."

Neon Rose #8
Neon Rose #8 "Otis goes psychedelic! Photo by a surrealist and solarized with ideal use of vibrating colors. This a first, and only printing."

Neon Rose #9
Neon Rose #9 "A beautiful nude woman with flowers projected on her, surrounded by a floral message border."

Neon Rose #10
Neon Rose #10 "A trip through the doors to a Dutch town, sometime past."

Neon Rose #11
Neon Rose #11 "From Stockton, CA, a light show company commissions this poster which they paid for in wrinkled one dollar bills in a wrinkled brown paper bag. This is a first, and only printing."

Neon Rose #12
Neon Rose #12 "I completed this poster the same night as Neon Rose #11. This image has been used in many catalogs, museum ads and other publications. It is my most popular and iconic image. Only one printing of this poster was done."

Neon Rose #13
Neon Rose #13 "Skullface. The Stockton light show wanted the title to read “Death and Transfiguration”. Finding the skull, which prints in yellow, was the hardest part of the job. This is a first, and only printing."

Neon Rose #15
Neon Rose #15 "In the Spring of 1967, the SF police were cracking down in the Height-Ashbury neighborhood. “Dirty garbage pails” was the reason they gave for their strong arm and suppressing tactics. The neighborhood fought back with a "Clean in" and these posters hung in just about every window...A wonderful sight for me!"

Neon Rose #16
Neon Rose #16 "I used a Ron Stoner photo from that months issue of Surfer Magazine as the center piece for my newest signature, illegible lettering. The San Francisco psychedelic tsunami hits the big island! This is a first, and only printing."

Neon Rose #17
Neon Rose #17 "The Blushing Peony was a clothing store on Haight Street and this is the image the owner wanted."