May 12-13, 1967 at the Avalon Ballroom featuring The Doors and The Sparrow

“The image of the dancer is taken from a late 19th century Nickelodeon film by Thomas Edison. The image was enlarged so that it became very large and the half tone dots could be printed in both the positive and the negative, aiding in the vibrating color effect. One image was printed over the other, stumbling into my ‘2-step’ animation. When you flash red light on the poster, it cancels out the red image and when you flash blue light, it cancels out the blue image, creating the animation effect. The other thing that should be mentioned about this poster is that I perfected my ‘psychedelic playbill’ lettering, that plays with the positive and negative fields. This really was one of my major posters of the psychedelic era in the 60’s.