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How do I get permission to use a Moscoso image?
If you are requesting use of an image, please include the following information on the quotes page:

  • A description of what image(s) you are requesting.
  • What is your timeline
  • What is your budget for use
  • If the image(s) are for publication, how many copies/issues will be produced.
  • If the image(s) are to be used for a non-profit effort (academic, philanthropic, etc), please indicate so.
  • You will receive a reply upon receipt of request, usually within 2 business days.

Can I get artwork signed?
Victor is currently not signing art via mail handling.

  • Victor is avialable to sign art in person at his public appearance (SF TRPS Festival).

What is the condition of the posters for sale on this web site and what do I get with purchase?
Each poster offered here is in mint condition and comes from the personal collection of Moscoso. Note that each copy can very slightly in color and registration. This is normal and was part of the printing process.

Each order comes with:

  • The poster(s), signed by Moscoso
  • Will be sent 'signature required': someone will have to sign for the package
  • As each order is custom packed, please allow up to 15 business days to process your order.

Will Victor be making any public appearances in the near future?

Currently, Victor's only regular public appearance is the TRPS Festival in San Francisco, mid October.

Is Victor available for an interview?
Yes. Please use the contact page and provide details and your timeline. Generally speaking, Victor conducts interview via telephone. However, special arrangements may be made for others cases (TV, local reporter, ect).

Is Victor available to create advertisement and custom art?
Yes. Victor is available for fee-based art services.

Does Victor provide appraisal of art work?
No. If you are looking for a general value or other information pertaining to what edition of poster you have, how many copies were produced, ect., the best resource is Eric King.

What are 'vibrating colors'?
The vibration in much of Victor's art is achieved by taking colors from the opposite end of the color wheel, each one having equal value (dark to light) and intensity (brightness). An example is red and green.

Because there is no break between the colors, your eye does not know which one to focus on as the colors ‘compete’. This effect only happens along the edges where these colors touch. Special inks are not needed and Victor uses standard printing inks for his work.

Vibrating colors should not be confused with neon or fluorescent colors, as these are entirely different color techniques, none of which are used by Victor.

All of the posters were, and continue to be, done by offset lithograph.