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Born in Spain, Victor was the first of the rock poster artists of the 60’s era with formal academic training and experience. After studying art at Cooper Union in New York City and at Yale University, he moved to San Francisco in 1959. There, he attended the San Francisco Art Institute, where he eventually became an instructor.

Moscoso's use of vibrating colors was influenced by painter Josef Albers, one of his teachers at Yale. He was the first of the rock poster artists to use photographic collage in many of his posters.

Family Dog-46 Plains of Quicksilver Family Dog-68 Family Dog-61 Family Dog-86 The images below are representative of the 3 main areas of Victor's work that is offered for sale here, 'Classic Psychedelic', 'Modern' and 'Rare and Unique'.

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A note about the images here on the website:

The image resolution has been kept to a minimum to help with faster loading. In addition, your computer monitor can not fully represent the vibrating effect that is achieved when viewing the poster in person. Every effort has been made to mimic the colors. You can be assured upon receiving your poster, you will be happy with the mint condition of the item and artistic and vibrating experience.

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