Vibrating Colors

Victor uses the concept of vibrating colors to create the ‘psychedelic’ effect in many of his pieces.

The vibration is achieved by taking colors from the opposite end of the color wheel, each one having equal value (dark to light) and intensity (brightness). An example is red and green.

Because there is no break between the colors, your eye does not know which one to focus on as the colors ‘compete’. This effect only happens along the edges where these colors touch. Special inks are not needed and Victor uses standard printing inks for his work.

Vibrating colors should not be confused with neon or fluorescent colors, as these are entirely different color techniques, none of which are used by Victor.

All of the posters were, and continue to be, done by offset lithograph.


About Victor

Professional lightning struck in the form of the psychedelic rock and roll poster for the San Francisco "Hippy" dance halls and clubs. Victor Moscoso's posters for the Family Dog dance-concerts at the Avalon Ballroom and his Neon Rose posters for the Matrix were to bring his work international attention in the "Summer of Love", 1967.

Within a year lightning would strike again in the form of the Underground Comix. As one of the Zap Comix Artists, Moscoso's work, once again received international attention. Moscoso's comix and poster work has continued up to the present and includes album covers for musicians such as Jerry Garcia, Bob Wier, Herbie Hancock, and David Grisman, t-shirts, billboards, animated commercials for radio stations (for which he received 2 CLIO's) and more.

This web site was created and is updated by his son, Justin "Justo" Moscoso.

Victor is still active in creating art and resides in Marin County, just north of San Francisco.

Family Dog-46 Family Dog-68 Family Dog-86 Victor signing posters